If our thoughts are POSITIVE, NATURE will automatically help us

Body without egoism creates Divine & Spiritual Thoughts without any selfishness

We use code words 0 – 9 for our clients to identify the appropriate energy spots and heal them

9 Chakras Of Body 

9 Dis-chargeable Doors 

Body is a flowerpot created in mind. By positive attention with MIND, SPEECH and BODY, we are the royal guests of the NATURE...

D S Bhandari

Services Offered


1. For Individuals

  • Kundli Reading
  • Hand Reading
  • Face Reading
  • 3 Months of Code Word Healing

We use code words for clients for HEALING ENERGY through 0-9 

Healing gives you energy to solve all your personal problems and will enable you enter a new world of Prosperity and Happiness. 

Those who want to avail the services are requested to contact the given below number and come personally to the below mentioned address along with the given below:

      • 1 - Copy of your Kundli / Jataka
      • 2 - Photos
      • 1 - 100 page notebook


2. Healing offered for Sick companies also.

  • Code Word Healing for Company Directors
  • Code Word Healing for Comapany Name

Please contact us for further details



  • Self Hypnotism
  • Self Auto-telepathy
  • Self Reiki
  • Healing by Finger Accupressure


Office : No.1,SLV Building, 4th Floor, Near Banaras Sweet House, Chickpete Cross, Maramma Temple Street, Bangalore-560053
 Mobile   +91-9342830888